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i-Touch Cookie Depositor

Planetary Mixer for Cookies, Cakes & Cream

The Suprema is designed to the most versatile and compact wire cutting and dropping machine for producing all range of cookies.

All the parts that come into contact with the food can be completely dismatched for correct and fast cleaning.

A very wide range of nozzles and moulds allows the creation of numerous shapes and sizes, leaving wide space for the creativity and fantasy of the user.

    Salient Features

  • Wire cut 45 strokes per minute.
  • One wire cut die & one depositor die and 20 different designs of Nozzles included with the machine.
Tray Size Nozzles Capacit Kgs/Hr Power
12" Tray width (300mm) 5 75 2.0 KW
16" Tray width (400mm) 6 95 2.0 KW
18" Tray width (450mm) 7 150 2.0 KW
21" Tray width (510mm) 8 165 2.5 KW
24" Tray width (600mm) 9 185 2.5 KW
27" Tray width (600mm) 10 200 2.5 KW
32" Tray width (800mm) 12 220 3.0 KW

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